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Parent association - EBIPA

The EBI Parents Association (EBIPA) helps strengthen EBI through community building and fundraising events and programs. EBIPA is an independent organization that runs on the energy of volunteer parents. All parents and/or guardians are members of EBIPA.

The mission of EBIPA is to promote communication between parents and EBI, enhance the educational experience of our children, and strengthen the school community.

EBIPA achieves its mission in numerous ways, including:

  • Serving as a coordinator of volunteers, matching people and their talents and skills with volunteer opportunities.
  • Assisting the faculty with in-class and extracurricular projects, and generally facilitating communications between parents and the administration and faculty.
  • Assisting the administration with new and on-going fundraising projects to strengthen the financial foundations of the school.
  • Implementing community-building activities such as the Fall Heritage Picnic,
  • Providing a forum for presentations and discussions of issues of interest to parents.


The EBIPA Executive Board is comprised of the following elected and volunteer positions:

  • President
  • VP Communications/Secretary
  • VP Fundraising/Treasurer
  • VP Volunteers
  • Volunteer Chair
  • VP Community Events
  • VP School Experience

Please note that this list is not all-inclusive. The committees may change, depending upon the needs of the school. Meetings of the EBIPA Executive Board are held regularly, at the discretion of the EBIPA Co-Presidents.

Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs are responsible for specific committees, as deemed necessary each school year. They are responsible for the on-going function of a committee, including recruiting and organizing volunteers and working with the appropriate individuals from the Board of Trustees, Faculty and Administration in order to fulfill the mission of the specific committee.

Class Parents

Class parents provide support to the teacher, disseminate information about school/EBIPA activities and supporting the mission of the school. The VP of volunteers contacts each class parent at the beginning of the year to help get it all started.