Dr. Paola Clark will be our next Head of School (HoS) beginning July 1, 2019. Paola was selected from an international pool of diverse and talented candidates after a thorough search process that engaged students, parenting adults, faculty, staff, and trustees.

From the New Head of  School

Dear EBI Community, 

I am honored, humbled, and incredibly excited to be joining the EBI community as the next Head of School. Before beginning our visit to EBI, my husband, Ken, and I had the amazing opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Bay Area and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. From a distance, it appears as if each of the two main bridge cables is a single unit. In actuality, however, each cable is composed of thousands of bundled wires working together as one to provide the necessary tensile strength that supports the roadway. Little did we know that this image would be a harbinger of my visit to EBI. 

As I spent time on both campuses, it became evident that the EBI community is a team working as a single unit, just like the two main cables, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. EBI is a school like no other—warm, welcoming, and student-centered—built on the sincere dedication of all its constituents to work together and use their collective strength as one to support EBI’s mission: to provide an excellent, international, Spanish/English bilingual education. 

During my visit, I felt inspired by how students, faculty, and staff were also the embodiment of EBI’s values and attributes of the IB learner profile. I was also very impressed by the students’ level of proficiency in Spanish; the quality of questions asked by students, faculty, staff, and parents alike; and the thoughtfulness with which they responded to my questions. The joy of teaching and learning permeated both campuses through the intentional commitment to educational excellence, diversity, equity, and inclusion. EBI is a community where children and adults are genuinely valued for their own uniqueness and distinctiveness, and the two days I spent on campus felt like time at home. 

I remain deeply grateful for Monique Spyke, Search Committee Chair, the entire Search Committee, and the Board for leading a thoughtful search process that afforded me the opportunity to meet many members of the community, while feeling so welcomed. I also want to thank the students, faculty, staff, and parents who were an important part of the interview process. EBI is a great institution because of its visionary and inspiring leadership. I have great appreciation for the Board of Trustees and their careful stewardship of the school’s mission, for Jon Fulk’s outstanding leadership during his tenure, for the care and dedication of the talented faculty and staff, and for the unwavering commitment of families to support the school.

Perhaps what makes the Golden Gate Bridge so aesthetically pleasing is that it represents the modern concept of synergy: the idea that by building robust global connections and by working together, we can achieve more. I look forward to partnering with Trustees, faculty and staff, students, parents, alumni, and all community members to continue building strong relationships that will enable us to advance EBI’s mission to new levels of excellence. Together we will address the needs of today and achieve the dreams of the future. 

Thank you for granting me this extraordinary opportunity. Ken and I look forward to visiting EBI in the coming months and moving to our new hometown, the Bay Area, in the summer. 

With great excitement and appreciation, 

Paola V. Clark, Ed.D.