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Board Meetings

2017-18 Board Meeting Summaries

February 2018

Head of Equity and Inclusion presented a status report update of ongoing work and provided a description on the D&I balance scorecard.  She described collaboration with librarian, pilot program for infusion of other cultures, and focus on professional development.  For the advancement team, we reviewed and voted for the branding initiative proposal, website redesign and admissions campaign. Attendees at the CAIS conference shared the highlights of their learnings.  A portion of the meeting was spent in closed session.

January 2018

Director of Advancement presented an initial marketing plan for consideration with the fundamental goal to support admissions and retention. Head of School reported an update on progress being made on priorities and goals. Treasurer reviewed Second Quarter 2017-18 Financial Statements. The Board approved board goals. A portion of the meeting was spent in closed session.

December 2017

The Buildings & Grounds chair received approval to update the school's facilities master plan this school year. Program director reviewed internal and external student assessment results. The proposed budget for 2018-19 school year was approved. The Board reviewed draft board goals. A portion of the meeting was spent in closed session.

November 2017

The Buildings & Grounds chair discussed plans to update the school's facilities master plan this school year.  Union representatives presented to the Board. Head of Admissions reviewed admissions, retention and recruitment statistics and results. Director of Finance and Treasurer presented the proposed budget for 2018-19 school year. A portion of the meeting was spent in closed session.

October 2017

The Advancement Director presented key metrics and information related to the Annual Fund. In his report, Jon reviewed his goals for the year. The Board Chair discussed upcoming topics for next board meeting and upcoming community events. Treasurer and Director of Finance described budget drivers and data points. The Chair of Committee of Trustees reviewed goal setting for trustees, along with recruiting for new trustees.  A portion of the meeting was spent in closed session.

September 2017

The Board Chair reviewed best practices for approval process. In his report, Jon reviewed strategies for key operational metrics and previewed a proposed slate of staff presentations to the board. Diversity Committee chair reviewed goals for the year. The Treasurer provided an update on end-of year financials including budget and profit-loss results, along with an update on the refinance of the San Pablo property. 2017-18 budget was approved. A portion of the meeting was spent in closed session. The Chair of Committee of Trustees reviewed attributes of potential trustees, along with recruiting new members. To learn more about how to get involved with the Board of Trustees contact Jen Merovick via ParentSquare. 

2006-17 Board Meeting Summaries

June 2017

A summer signature policy was approved that will support decision-making during summer holidays. The Head, Chair and Committee chairs presented overviews of their goals for the year and a preview of goals for 2017-18. A portion of the meeting was spent in closed session. Development of the Spanish Language Learners Track was approved to continue. The Finance Chair presented an overview of various options and a recommendation for the San Pablo refinance opportunity. The refinancing was approved. The Board approved moving forward with the Alcatraz improvement project this summer with a modified budget. The new slate of Board members, committee structure, and officers for 2017-18 were all approved. The Head of School contract was approved. There will be no regularly scheduled Board of Trustees meetings until September 2017.

May 2017

A group reviewed the Head of School’s 2016-17 goals and progress to date. A preview of application and admission data for 2017-18 was presented. The Board approved a new Line of Credit policy and an attendance policy for monthly Board meetings. A portion of the meeting was spent in closed session.

April 2017

In his report, Jon provided an update on admissions for 2017-18 and shared anecdotes and feedback on the 8th grade Costa Rica trip (which was impactful to the students and a major success). The Board Chair discussed possibly reconfiguring and optimizing the committee structure for next year and reminded the group to complete outstanding evaluations. Strategic planning mini-retreat is scheduled for April 28. The Treasurer provided an update on financials including budget, cashflow and tuition adjustment data. Finance Committee Chair presented an update on the San Pablo campus refinancing effort. The Alcatraz improvement project this summer may be included in the financing. A portion of the meeting was spent in closed session.

March 2017

EBI parent Gerry Beaudin has joined the Board of Trustees and will be chairing the Buildings & Grounds committee. Board members were surveyed about the level of time and effort involved with Board work. Members were encouraged to participate in upcoming community events including morning coffee gatherings, Middle School tours, the Gala fundraiser and a 3rd Grade presentation about how the Board operates. Sagrario presented an overview of the multi-year curriculum review process and timeline. The group participated in a collaborative brainstorm and prioritization exercise to identify long-term themes for strategic planning. Pat Takahashi shared an update on cash flow. Paul Sytsma, Chair of the Finance Committee presented an overview about a Line of Credit policy for usage and options for the San Pablo building refinancing. A portion of the meeting was spent in closed session.

February 2017

The Board reflected on feedback from the recent State of the School presentation. The administration reviewed a draft dashboard for measurement of the program and preliminary admission numbers for 2017-18. The Board voted to reduce the scope of the outdoor improvement on the Alcatraz campus. A presentation was made about options for the school to refinance the San Pablo campus. A vote will happen in an upcoming meeting. The Board began a long-term strategic planning project that will take place over the next several meetings, setting the stage for a future strategic plan. 

January 2017

There was no board meeting in January as board members helped create and deliver the State of the School meeting.

December 2016

The Board members made fundraising phone calls to remind the community about the Annual Fund. A new framework for Board goals was shared. A new Advancement Director, Karen Hayes, has been hired and will start in 2017. The Auditor’s report was approved. The preliminary 2017-18 budget and tuition levels were approved. The group discussed a draft slate of new Board candidates for 2017-18.

November 2016

The January board meeting will be cancelled and Board members will be attending the State of School presentation. The Head of School presented background on the evaluation procedures and practices of the faculty. A motion was approved for a new financial line of credit. A motion was approved to move forward with the Alcatraz campus Outdoor improvement project. The Board discussed upcoming steps related to the newly formed faculty union.

October 2016

The Director of Admissions reviewed admission metrics including applicants, admissions and attrition over time, and goals for the 2016-17 admission season. The group discussed the upcoming vote to organize at the school. Representatives from Buildings & Grounds reviewed a plan to upgrade the Alcatraz campus outdoor and play space. A motion was approved to spend additional, budgeted funds to further investigate this project.

September 2016

The first Board meeting of the year was packed with a full agenda, completing several things that were started during the 2015-16 school year. Advancement presented metrics from fundraising efforts from the past year and an outline of the current year’s plan and important dates. The Head of School reviewed the goals for him and his team for the year. The 2016-17 budget was approved. Board bylaws were amended to approve an increase of size from 13-21 members to a new size of 18-24 members.