Escuela Bilingüe Internacional (EBI) is an independent PreK-8 school offering a multilingual, international education that inspires our students to engage with a changing global world with character and empathy. As an International Baccalaureate (IB) certified school in the heart of the East Bay, EBI helps students engage as both global citizens and critical thinkers. Character development is at the heart of what we do; our students are empathetic and compassionate as well as academically prepared for future success.

At EBI, students learn in an immersive Spanish language environment, where they begin their journey of cultural awareness and develop fluency in a language other than English. With the addition of Mandarin in 3rd grade, students expand their cultural and linguistic competencies. Graduates of EBI have basic conversational skills in Mandarin and are fully literate in Spanish and English.

Equally important, EBI students have an awareness of their role as a member of the global community. From that awareness, our students are positioned to transform the world. EBI develops a lifelong love of learning, which translates to a lifetime of opportunity.

International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate is an educational foundation founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 1968. For many years, this foundation has worked with schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment. The goal of their curriculum programmes is to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

Our Language Philosophy

Escuela Bilingüe Internacional is a multilingual Spanish-English immersion school. By presenting most of our classroom subjects in Spanish, we organically teach the language to our students.

Our pre-kinder students begin with a 100% Spanish immersion program in their first years at EBI and gradually transition to a 50/50 Spanish/English model by the third grade. For our Middle school students, each subject area is language specific. Math, Science, English Language, and English Literature are taught in English. All other subjects, with the exception of Mandarin, are taught in Spanish. Art, music, drama and physical education are also taught in Spanish. Mandarin classes begin in the third grade and continue through the eighth grade. Our graduates leave EBI with high levels of academic and social proficiency in both English and Spanish as well as functional Mandarin conversational skills.

Innovation and Technology

EBI strives to be at the forefront of introducing digital tools and technological advances in the classroom. At the same time, we educate our students in media literacy and the best use of new technologies. Our inquiry based programme supports our students in constructing their own understanding of a topic through research, and this skill is especially helpful in navigating the Internet and searching online databases. We inspire our students to be future innovators who are both thoughtful and creative.

Aventura Extended Day Program

For families that need childcare beyond the regular school day, EBI offers Aventura. The Aventura program runs from 7:30-8:20 a.m. in the morning and 3:00-6:00 p.m. in the afternoon. The purpose of the Aventura Program is to provide extended care for all EBI students. Aventura staff creates a fun environment that reflects student interests.

The following key components form the basis of the EBI Aventura program:

  • a well-prepared staff
  • a safe environment
  • an environment with both structure and flexibility
  • a variety of activities that reflect student interests a variety of opportunities for social-emotional development
  • an opportunity to have fun and relax
  • an opportunity to do homework

Our School Grades


3 - 5 yr olds

Lower School

Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Middle School

6th - 8th Grades

Aventura schedule

Aventura schedule (these times may change based on individual classroom, age, or weather/daylight):

Kinder - Grade 5

Middle School

Note: Snacks are not provided. Please provide your child with a snack for Aventura.

Unlimited 5-Day Option (or Unlimited Aventura)

Families have the option for their children to attend Aventura everyday of the week throughout the school year. This option also covers afternoon and morning care ONLY during school year camps. It does not cover aftercare during summer camps. The Unlimited 5-Day Aventura option is $3,650 for the school year.

Unlimited 3-Day Option

Families have the option to choose three week days when their students will attend Aventura throughout the year. These days that are chosen must stay the same throughout the entire school year and cover both morning and afternoon care. This option also covers afternoon and morning care only during school year camps. It does not cover aftercare during summer camps. The Unlimited 3-Day option is $2,600 for the school year.


Families must purchase a 10x drop-in card for $300 per student. This card is good for 10 drop-in Aventura sessions throughout the school year, but cannot be applied to school break camps. Families that choose this option must sign-up for the day they want their child to attend Aventura by adding their child’s name to our online WeJoinIn calendar (availability is limited). A minimum of 24 hours advance notice is required.

At the end of the school year, any remaining funds will roll over to the following school year. If a family leaves EBI, any unused drop-in funds will be refunded. For registered drop-in families, a link to the Aventura drop-in calendar can be found in the “links” section of ParentSquare.

New families attending EBI can register for Aventura and view their current registration status using their individual account on Student Forms Online. Look for either the Aventura Enrollment form or the Aventura Details form.

If returning families have chosen the Unlimited 5-Day or 3-Day Aventura option, they can view their current Aventura details by accessing their FAM account. Families who have chosen the Drop-In Aventura option do not need to re-enroll unless they want to select a different option. Drop-In 10x cards can be purchased through the Thriva Network.

All requests for changes to your previously submitted Unlimited 5-Day or 3-Day Aventura enrollment should be directed via e-mail to registrar@ebinternacional.org. EBI’s Registrar will assist you with the necessary changes. Please allow at least three school days for EBI to process new registrations or changes.

For questions regarding your Aventura enrollment details (like payment or current registration status) please refer to your Student Forms Online personal account details.

For general questions regarding Aventura, please email programs@ebinternacional.org.

For more information on our campus tours or admissions process, please contact us at admissions@ebinternacional.org