In elementary school, EBI students begin learning in two languages, including Mandarin from third grade. Students at this stage are not only are able to learn two languages, but also excel in a bilingual environment . The challenge of learning two languages is also rich in the social sphere and has been shown to increase mental development in areas such as multi-tasking, problem solving, creativity, among others.

In kindergarten and first grades, students have one hour of English instruction each day and the rest of the instruction is in Spanish. In second grade, students have two hours of instruction in English. From third grade, and above our students have a half day of instruction in English and half in Spanish, with Mandarin classes four times a week.

Students should use the language of instruction in the classroom with their teachers and peers, with some flexibility for new students or  who are new in the English or Spanish language during the first half of the year. In all grades, the students have the opportunity to use the language of their choice during their free time (recess).