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Escuela Bilingue Internacional

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Why EBI Middle School?

A Rich Language Experience

  • Students deepen language skills through the study of literature and through complex ideas embedded in the middle school curriculum.
  • To accommodate different Spanish language levels, we offer two language programs: a bilingual program and a Spanish language learners program.

Internationally Recognized Program

  • The IB MYP is based on the highest international academic standards.
  • The IB is widely recognized around the world in preparing students for success at high school and university.
  • Students explore 10 subjects including Drama and Design, Math, Science, Spanish, English and Mandarin.

Valuable Life Skills

  • Students have dedicated time for building organizational, collaboration and conflict-resolution skills through Advisory.
  • As part of the curriculum, Design fosters creativity and innovation through the use of technology and other tools including 3D Printers, video production, programming and robotics.

A Broad Range of Extracurricular Options

  • Middle school students at EBI have access to many extracurricular activities including clubs, sports and dances.

High School Advising and Placement

  • EBI supports students through the entire high school application process from essay writing to interview practice.