Diversity Fund

The Diversity Fund (DF) supports EBI’s mission and core values by reducing financial barriers for current EBI families, supporting diversity-related programs, and signifying EBI’s commitment to diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusivity. The Fund is primarily designated to support current EBI families that enrich the school's diversity, based on our current diversity-related goals. The Fund also enhances community and learning by funding workshops and projects of faculty, students, staff, and families that increase engagement related to diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusivity. For more information about the Fund please contact our CFOO, Rich Levine at dfapplication@ebinternacional.org

The Goal

The goal of the Diversity Fund is to help build awareness and support within the EBI community of EBI’s commitment to diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusivity. 

Click here to download Diversity Fund FAQ’s
The Application for the 
Diverity Fund opens on January 3, 2023 and closes on January 13.

The Diversity Fund is made possible because of gifts and donations from individuals, families and private grants. We invite you to be a part of supporting the Diversity Fund as it works to support EBI’s commitment to diversity, multiculturalism and inclusivity.

Apply for the Diversity Fund