Annual Fund

The Annual Fund "Juntos Avanzamos" is our major annual fundraising effort that helps fund the gap between tuition revenue and the actual expense of operating the school. It has become a tradition and celebrated community expectation that 100% of our trustees and families participate in the annual fund drive.

Independent schools count on raising an average of 15% of the schools’ operating budget annually. These funds help us continue to provide professional development, among many other things, as well as have one of the highest financial assistance levels for an Independent school in the Bay Area. We are so proud of our unbroken tradition of 100% participation from the parents and Board of Trustees. Thank you for your support for our school and our teachers!

To read EBI's Annual Fund FAQ's, please click here.

You can donate through Pay Pal! Or click here to download a Donation Form.

EBI Tax ID: 20-2258099