Benefits of Summer Camp at EBI

February 24, 2023
Benefits of Summer Camp

There are many benefits of summer camp, including personal growth and development to name a few.

If you’re looking for a summer camp experience that will give your child the opportunity to learn, grow, and make lasting memories, then look no further than the Spanish Immersion Summer Camp at EBI. This unique camp offers an enriching experience in Spanish, STEM, Athletics, and Global Arts while also providing children with socialization opportunities and physical activity that they won’t find anywhere else. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of summer camp at EBI.

What Are The Benefits of Summer Camp?

Language Immersion

One of the biggest advantages of attending a language immersion summer camp is that your child will have the opportunity to learn Spanish. We focus on providing fun activities that allow children to learn the Spanish language while having fun. Our EBI Summer Camps are open to both EBI and non-EBI students from PK-4th grades with no prior Spanish language required. Through interactive classes and activities, your child will gain confidence in their ability to communicate in Spanish with native speakers. EBI’s staff represents many Spanish-speaking countries including: Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Spain and Cuba. Each one brings a passion for inspiring young minds and a passion for creating global, wonderful memories with your campers that will last for a lifetime!

STEM activities foster critical thinking skills.

STEM Learning

In addition to language immersion, another great benefit of attending this summer camp is that your child will have access to STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) activities. Not only will these activities help keep your children engaged throughout their time at camp but they will also foster critical thinking skills that can be used in all areas of life. As part of this program, our instructors work with students on hands-on projects designed to challenge them while teaching them valuable problem-solving techniques.

EBI’s Summer Camp helps children develop important motor skills like coordination and balance.

Athletic Activities

The physical activity opportunities available at the Spanish Immersion Summer Camp are second-to-none! Our staff encourages children to explore their boundaries while engaging in fun outdoor activities like running games and sports such as soccer and basketball. These activities provide an excellent opportunity for socialization and help children develop important motor skills like coordination and balance. In addition to organized activities, our counselors lead unstructured playtime so students have time to relax and explore on their own terms.

One key benefit of summer camp is the ability to socialize and make lasting friendships.

Socializing and Making Friends

One key benefit of summer camp is the ability to socialize and make lasting friendships with people from different backgrounds and cultures. At EBI’s Spanish Immersion Summer Camp, your child will have plenty of opportunities to interact with others while exploring all of the amazing activities offered by the camp. In addition to making friends, they will learn valuable lessons about respect, tolerance, and understanding – essential life skills that will stay with them forever!

Eliminates Screen Time

In a world full of technology, sedentary-related conditions are on the rise. In fact, physical inactivity is currently the leading cause of disease and disabilities in the United States, and it all starts in childhood. While some extra creativity to get your kids active and limit screen time at home during the summer is often required, summer camp is a perfect solution.

Personal Growth & Development

Attending EBI’s summer camp is more than just fun; it also provides an opportunity for personal growth and development. Through their interactions with other children at the camp as well as positive role models like counselors and instructors, your child will gain confidence in themselves as well as learn important life lessons such as respect and tolerance for others. They will also receive exposure to cultural immersion which can help them become more aware of different cultures around them.

Summer camps offer many benefits for children—including personal growth and development—which makes it easy to see why parents should consider enrolling their kids in one this year! At EBI’s Spanish Immersion Summer Camp, your child will receive an unparalleled education through language immersion activities as well as STEM projects and athletic activities designed to engage them both mentally and physically. With all these amazing benefits available under one roof, it’s clear why our summer camp is so popular among families!

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