Board of Trustees Overview

The Board of Trustees consists of up to 21 members from both inside and outside of the immediate school community. Nominees for these positions are selected by a nominating committee composed of Board members and are subsequently approved by the entire Board. From a variety of sources, the committee solicits candidates who will be representative of EBI’s community and have demonstrated a strong affiliation with the school.


New members are elected for terms of three years and can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. The President of the EBIPA and the Head of School attend all meetings but are non-voting members. The Board members elect a chair, vice-chair, secretary, and treasurer who serve two year terms (renewable). The Board normally holds eleven meetings a year and all Board members serve on at least one sub-committee of the board.

In keeping with National Association of Independent Schools best practices, EBI’s Board of Trustees has both standing and ad-hoc sub-committees. The latter are convened on an as-needed-basis.

Strategic Plan 2020- 2025

EBI is engaged in its third strategic planning process and has partnered with Ian Symmonds and Associates to facilitate this work. The Strategic Planning Committee, composed of board members and administrators, looks forward to crafting a new strategic plan for the future with input from all EBI stakeholders. Identifying our strategic initiatives for the next five years and planning for the future are more instrumental than ever as we find ourselves in the midst of a complex and unprecedented era in education, a time of social and political unrest, and a global, innovation economy. As the world beyond school continues to change exponentially due to globalization and transformational technological innovations, EBI, with its international mindedness focus, is well-positioned to lead in the independent school arena.

Our strategic planning process has been intentionally designed to be a collaborative process with multiple opportunities for EBI community members to be active participants and share their valuable insight.

If you have any questions about the Strategic Plan process, please do not hesitate to contact Zeltzin Jimenez, Executive Assistant to the Head of School.

Facilities Master Plan

A master plan is a living document consisting of a set of guiding principles and facility projects that will align EBI’s built environment with its strategic vision. This document serves as a road map for the construction and development of our Emeryville Campus that will be regularly reassessed at decision-making junctures.The master plan also served as a feasibility study to show whether a full EBI PK-8th grade program could “fit” on the San Pablo Campus. While the timing included in the master plan was fairly optimistic, with the benefit of the Alcatraz lease, we view the four-building master plan as a “long term” solution. In the meantime, we are fortunate to be able to continue as a two campus school. Year-to-year configurations of which students are learning where are determined to best meet the needs of the program as the school grows and middle school expands, and as new buildings become feasible.

For more information on our virtual campus tours or admissions process, please contact us at admissions@ebinternacional.org