Choosing Tech Tools

The International Baccalaureate (IB) has identified six information-technology skills for students to develop: investigating, creating, communicating, collaborating, organizing and becoming responsible digital citizens. The use of technology at EBI is inquiry based and concept driven. Educators at EBI collaborate to plan and use technology tools to complement the learning experiences of our students within the units of inquiry. Approaching the use of technology in a balanced way prepares our students for a changing, diverse and connected world.

Technology tools are chosen following the guidelines below. The tools must meet most guidelines. Teachers assess tools with our Coordinator of Academic Technology before they are downloaded onto any device.

  • The tool helps develop research skills within the context of the units of inquiry
  • The tool can be used for collaborative learning experiences
  • The tool can be used to organize research findings and ideas
  • The tool can be used to communicate and express ideas
  • The tool allows for creation of original content
  • The tool allows the student to engage in differentiated learning
  • The tool allows for teachers and students to have meaningful conversations about learning and progress

EBI is committed to protecting the safety and privacy of our students both in their physical and online environments. Teachers at EBI are required to ask for parental consent before using any service that may collect children’s personal information. Our coordinator of academic technology supports teachers by carefully assessing the technology tools and communicating with our community about the integration of such services.

If you have any questions about online student privacy, please email our Coordinator of Academic Technology, Laura Guevara,