COVID-19 Updates:
Learning in the 2021-22 Academic Year

At EBI, we believe that the ideal teaching and learning environment is one in which students and teachers are able to interact with each other in person. Likewise, we also know that it is crucial that we create campus environments that address the health and safety concerns of our community members. Our Plan to Return to Campus has been thoughtfully developed by the COVID-19 Response Team to provide a roadmap that will enable us to accomplish both. Although it is difficult to predict the ways in which our current health context might continue to change in these unprecedented times, the one thing that remains constant is our unwavering commitment to ensure the continual learning and growth of our students. Our incredible team of master faculty and staff is fully dedicated and continue to work very hard to prepare for the new school year.

As we begin the school year, we are excited to welcome our PK students on campus for in-person learning and will continue with Distance Learning for our K-8 students until we receive the health guidance that we can welcome them back on campus. We cannot wait to have all of our students back on campus!
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