EBI Affinity Groups

The Affinity Groups provide an opportunity for parents to meet based on a shared aspect of identity. EBI Affinity Groups are a place for parents to build community, to talk with other parents about concerns relative to their child’s needs at school and/or to share the family’s experiences at EBI. Within each group there is a range of diverse experiences and identities. Affinity groups are places to get support, to plan educational/visibility activities for EBI and to provide feedback and options to EBI to address needs expressed by group members. 

Below is a comprehensive list of Affinity Groups we have had, certain groups are active at any given time, based on interest.

Single parents

Adoptive parents

Parent discussion on Gender (re: student experience)

Parents of children with learning differences

Native Spanish speakers

Latino-American parents

Asian/Pacific Islander/ Sub-continental India parents

White parents

Parents of mixed race heritage

African-American parents 

LGBTQ parents


Please contact Ana DeLeon, Affinity Groups Parent Volunteer at analuz.deleon@gmail.com with questions and to request more information to start a new group.