EBI Diversity Coalition

Diversity is a core component of the EBI values and philosophy. Three EBI Diversity Coalition committees exist to ensure that those values and philosophy are practiced in all aspects of the community.

Mission statement

The EBI Diversity Coalition strives to create equity by addressing dynamics of power and systems of oppression. This goal is pursued across a range of avenues, from planning and facilitation of parent and student focused events, to supporting faculty and administration as they fulfill the school’s mission in service of diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusion. In strengthening a practice of acceptance, appreciation and respect, and in building community, we work so that all feel welcome and can participate as their full selves.

The Diversity Coalition has five focus areas addressed in four subcommittees:

Parent Education and Anti-Bias Subcommittee

Organizes diversity-related events to both educate parents and to help continue the conversation about diversity at EBI. The anti-bias component of this committee focuses on research and providing development opportunities to faculty on strategies for integrating anti-bias curriculum into their classrooms.

Recruitment and Retention

Dedicated to maintaining a diverse student population at EBI. The committee works closely with the Admissions Director to establish the school’s diversity goals and develop strategies for reaching them.

One key retention strategy has been the development of affinity groups

Policy Subcommittee

Reviews school policy through a diversity lens, to ensure that all policies are equitable and inclusive. Recommends changes to EBI administration as appropriate. This committee was responsible for development of the new philosophy statement on diversity, multiculturalism and inclusivity.

Communication Subcommittee

Ensures that the EBI community is fully informed of all the work that goes on in the Diversity Coalition. Responsible for creating/maintaining a web presence for all diversity efforts, as well as providing regular reports to the EBI community and encouraging participation in diversity-related events.

EBI Diversity Coalition subcommittees are open to anyone interested in joining. They meet roughly once per month.   

In addition the Diversity Coalition meets once per month with the coalition chairs, subcommittee chairs and representatives from the EBI Board of Trustees, EBIPA and faculty. These meeting are open to anyone interested in diversity work at the school.