EBI Families

EBI is committed to building and supporting a strong community for its families. This aspect of school life is consistently identified by EBI families as a key part of the school’s appeal and a differentiator for them in selecting EBI. As a growing school, EBI’s families continue to play an integral part in the school’s expansion and development; helping the school meet a wide variety of internal and external educational, socio-cultural, administrative and fundraising goals.

The parent-led organizations most responsible for fostering community through organized activities and support of administration-led efforts are the EBI Parent Association (EBIPA), the EBI Diversity Coalition, and the EBI “Grandpersons” Club. There is structured coordination between the school administration and these family-led volunteer organizations, with members of the faculty and administration meeting regularly with the leadership of these organizations, attending meetings and/or serving as committee members. Additionally, there is interaction among these family-led groups, with members of the leadership of each organization interfacing regularly.