EBI Grandpersons Association

EBI has an active and enthusiastic group of grandpeople that meets regularly to support the school and have fun. Our grandpeople contribute to the school in a variety of ways through fundraising, volunteerism and community building. You can regularly find grandpeople on campus reshelving library books, playing with students at recess, socializing at Friday Coffee or selling baked goods at the Winter Concert. These folks not only provide an amazing network of support for our children, but they also enrich the diversity of our community, help students think about family in a more expanded way and model lifelong learning and community service.

Every year, we set aside a special day to celebrate our grandpeople and the critical foundation for learning they help provide in each child’s family. The day before Thanksgiving is EBI Grandpersons’ Day to celebrate and honor these very community members. We snack and socialize and learn a bit more about how their grandchildren are learning and growing through our program. And they always have a moment for a special activity with their grandchild on their special day.