EBI Philosophy Statement on Diversity, Multiculturalism and Inclusivity

The EBI Board of Trustees has adopted the EBI Philosophy Statement of Diversity, Multiculturalism and Inclusivity to express our community’s understanding of and value for these aspects of our school. The Statement was developed by EBI parent volunteers and underwent an iterative development process with feedback from our entire community. Here is an excerpt from that statement:

“Diversity, Multiculturalism and Inclusivity are among EBI’s central founding principles. They are critical to EBI’s mission and implicit in its core values related to international mindedness, character and educational excellence. An educational environment that is Diverse, Multicultural and Inclusive fosters international mindedness by cultivating students who appreciate world cultures, understand global issues, value interconnectedness, question nationality privilege and are empowered to make positive change.

Additionally, EBI recognizes that in our society access to educational opportunities is often inequitable and can depend on whether people fall within dominant cultural norms related to language, race, nationality, gender and socioeconomic status. By working to eliminate these factors as barriers to opportunity within our school, we exemplify the character and values we wish to engender in our students.

Further, an environment that is Diverse, Multicultural and Inclusive promotes educational excellence by enhancing the learning and development of all students. When students share their perspectives, values, experiences, ideas and traditions, they develop self-respect and a sense of place. They also learn, grow and develop respect for others of different backgrounds or circumstances. From these experiences flow the abilities to engage in authentic conversations across differences; to briefly set aside one’s own perspective to try on others; and to consider a range of viewpoints in order to better understand the world in all of its complexity.”

For the complete text of the EBI Philosophy Statement on Diversity, Multiculturalism and Inclusivity, please click here.