EBI Parent association - EBIPA

The EBI Parent Association (EBIPA) helps strengthen EBI through community building and fundraising events and programs. It is an independent organization that runs on the energy of volunteer parents. All parents, guardians, grandparents and special persons are members of the EBI Parent Association.


EBIPA Mission

The mission of EBIPA is to promote communication between parents and EBI, enhance the educational experience of our children, and strengthen the school community.

EBIPA achieves its mission in numerous ways, including:

  • Serving as a coordinator of volunteers, matching people and their talents and skills with volunteer opportunities.
  • Assisting the faculty with in-class and extracurricular projects, and generally facilitating communications between parents and the administration and faculty.
  • Assisting the administration with new and ongoing fundraising projects to strengthen the financial foundations of the school.
  • Implementing community-building activities such as the Festival de Culturas.
  • Providing a forum for presentations and discussions of issues of interest to parents.

EBI Parent Association Leadership Tea

The task of the EBIPA Leadership Team is to keep our EBI volunteer community organized throughout the school year and oversee our fundraising and community building events. They are the people who meet with the EBI administration and faculty to line up dates, communication and organize us in our many volunteer roles. It's up to all of us in the EBI Parent Association to support them and sign up for the different volunteer opportunities throughout the school year.

The EBIPA Leadership Team is comprised of the following elected and volunteer positions:

  • President
  • Event Team (VPs of Events)
  • Communication and Promotion Team (VPs of Communication)
  • Treasurer (VP of Fundraising)
  • Secretary
  • Volunteer Team (VP’s of Volunteers)
  • School Experience Team (VPs of School Experience)

Please note that this list is not all-inclusive. The teams may change, depending upon the needs of the school. Meetings of the EBIPA Leadership Team are held regularly. Click here to view this year’s EBI Leadership Team.

Committee Chairs are responsible for specific committees, as deemed necessary each school year. They are responsible for the on-going function of a committee, including recruiting and organizing volunteers and working with the appropriate individuals from the Board of Trustees, Faculty and Administration in order to fulfill the mission of the specific committee.

Class Volunteer Teams

Parents/Guardians/Grandparents/Special Persons from each classroom are self-selected at the beginning of the school year to form a volunteer team for each EBIPA program or event for that academic year. They work under a lead volunteer to fulfill the needs of that task or to plan for an event and working with the appropriate individuals from the Board of Trustees, Faculty and Administration. Click here to view Class Volunteer Descriptions. Sign up for your role through ParentSquare or in your classroom.

The Power of 10 and Getting Involved

10 hours of volunteerism is what we recommend per person per year. That's only one hour for each month we are in school (more is always welcome). There are many ways to volunteer, and we can help align your interests, talents and availability to an opportunity. Little or big, your effort makes a huge difference and is greatly valued. Please contact ebiparentassociation@gmail.com with questions or to learn how to start volunteering!