EBI's Learning Experience

Monday, November 27, 2017

Assessments at EBI are an integral part of the teaching and learning process. They involve a multidimensional approach to help us understand how students learn. They also help teachers adapt or modify their practices to best meet the needs of the students. At EBI we use different evaluation tools to assess not only each student, but also the overall effectiveness and rigor of the curriculum.

One of the evaluation tools we use is the Educational Record Bureau (ERB) Test. Students from 3rd-7th grade take the test once a year. These tests are well recognized and are used by almost all independent schools in the US, they track the growth and learning of students while providing guidance on the overall effectiveness of curriculum and instruction.

Last month, EBI invited Sarah Savage from the California Educational Bureau to a presentation for families to learn more about the overall results of EBI, the results compared with other peer schools, and the overall strengths and areas of opportunity for our program.

After analyzing the data from the test results, Sarah affirmed that EBI’s scores were “excellent, showing that the academic program of the school is very high.” Sarah added that “in Quantitative Reasoning and in Math, for example, EBI students are exceptionally high at all levels” and that the EBI test results “showed an upward trajectory of scaled scores over the majority of content areas, based on Group History Reports.”

EBI is above the independent schools average in many subjects such as Quantitative Reasoning and Math. There are some areas exhibiting opportunity such as Written Skills where in some grades, the results are slightly below peer schools. Sarah shared that this happened in all dual language schools, “this is perfectly understandable because students are learning in two languages and are ranked against students that are just learning in one.” Sarah also shared that “scores generally even out by grade 8 when fluency in both languages is achieved”. We have taken action at EBI in this area by implementing learning experiences that explicitly require students to utilize and demonstrate progress with writing mechanics.