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Eighth grade international trip to Costa Rica (Part II)

Martes, Mayo 9, 2017

Second Day: A Walk Through Humid Wonder

Today we hiked through the cloudy forest in Monteverde. The rainforest was humid, but despite its name it was a clear day and the only respite from the heat were the cool breezes and the shade of the trees. Flowers were everywhere. Vines hung to the ground, and moss covered everything we could see. Halfway through our walk, we found a metal tower set to the right side of the path. We climbed up in small groups, guided only by curiosity and a very well informed Ms Vuong. When we got to the top, we were met with a stunning view of the whole canopy from above. It a appeared like a living sea, with the beautiful foliage ruffling itself like a bird ruffles its feathers.

The tower was only the beginning of our adventures in the heights of the rainforest. As we traveled to the zip line canopy adventure, we were faced with how to deal with our fears. First we stepped into our harnesses as our guides made sure they were tight, well fitting, and at least relatively comfortable. We were briefed in safety by another guide. We had to use special leather gloves to slow down and be safe. We had to cross our ankles to keep our balance. Then we went on three short training zip lines, and by the end, we were comfortable enough to do the longer and taller lines.

As we flew through the cool air of the Costa Rican canopy we felt small in comparison to the great views of the Monteverde rain forest. From the heights of the lines, we could see all around us for miles (or kilometers in Costa Rica). Trees covered everything in a thick blanket and it was like a sea of leaves. The feeling of freedom was so overwhelming that we all barely remember the view.

Even though not all of us did all of the zip lines we all took risks and pushed our comfort levels a little. It was a great experience for all of us and something we will always remember.

Tonight at our closing circle an insane amount of feeling was shared, and friendships were bonded. The moment was out of the blue, unexpected, and completely necessary. We shared a loving moment of adoration, appreciation, and an abnormal amount of hugs.

-Kalin and Tate.