Your donation makes a difference.

Like all independent nonprofit schools, Escuela Bilingüe Internacional relies on philanthropic support to supplement its tuition revenue. The additional funds raised through your generous donations allow us to increase the amount of tuition assistance we provide, offer specialty programs to our students, and promote community events. Your gift helps EBI fulfill its commitment to maintaining the highest standards in all areas of education.

Our Annual Fund

EBI’s Annual Fund, “[email protected] en Sinergia,” is our major annual fundraising effort that helps us to fund the gap between tuition revenue and operating expenses, and empowers us to continually invest in our programs, our staff, our community and our children.

You can fill out our online Annual Fund pledge card or make your donation online today. Some companies will match your donation to our school. Find out here if your employer has a matching program.

Thank you for generously supporting our school and our mission!

2021 Fund-a-Need

Each year EBI’s “Fund-a-Need” helps support a specific effort at our school that directly enhances the student’s learning environment. We are grateful for the tremendous participation from our community each year in this facet of the annual gala and auction.

All funds raised from your contributions will go directly towards the EBI Relief and Support Fund (R&SF), which will be used to support our financial aid programs (tuition assistance and diversity fund), as well as professional development, and ongoing school operations during the pandemic.

Our Diversity Fund

EBI’s Diversity Fund is aligned with our mission and reinforces our commitment to diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism by reducing financial barriers for families and promoting diversity-related programs.While it is primarily intended to supplement our established tuition assistance program, it also funds diversity-related workshops, events and projects that enhance our community and inspire our students.

Thank You for Your Support

Each year, EBI’s families, friends, alumni and Board of Trustees support our mission by making financial contributions to the school above and beyond tuition. These additional resources allow us to provide an exceptional experience for every EBI student. More than anything else, your philanthropy inspires our vision for tomorrow and allows us to continually improve our school.

We are truly grateful to our donors for their commitment to EBI. They may not realize it, but each time someone makes a gift to EBI they are saying “thank you.” Whether it is a gift from a thankful alumni or a grateful parent, when a family chooses to donate to EBI they are demonstrating their gratitude for the hard work our faculty and staff are doing everyday.

Retail Rebates that Support EBI

Give money to EBI while you shop! We have partnered with several retailers to receive a rebate when our families shop on their website or in their stores. This is our Compras fundraising program, and all of the money we receive from these rebates goes directly to improving programs for our students.

To use the Amazon Smile program to raise money for EBI, start by clicking on our Amazon Smile registration page. You will need to login and search for Escuela Bilingüe Internacional as the organization you would like to receive your rebate. Then, just do your normal shopping! EBI will receive up to 0.5% of the value of your purchases during every Amazon shopping session that uses the EBI link. To contribute even more money to EBI, consider paying for your Amazon purchases with an Amazon gift card available through the Benefit app!

EBI has partnered with Benefit, a free iPhone and Android app that allows you to shop at many of your favorite retailers and give up to 20% of every transaction back to the school. Just shop like you would normally. When it is time to check out, open the Benefit app on your phone and purchase a digital gift card for the amount you need. Then, instantly use your digital gift card (instead of your own debit/credit card) to pay for your purchase. The app is already linked to your payment source.

How to Get Started
1. Download the app
2. Choose Escuela Bilingüe Internacional as your beneficiary
3. Select your payment method (credit card, checking account or both
4. Start shopping and giving to EBI!

Sports Basement is a local sporting goods store focused on giving back to the community. Through their school rewards program, they will give 10% of all of the profits earned through EBI-related salesto EBI. Just mention Escuela Bilingüe Internacional when you shop at the Sports Basement to earn 10% off your entire purchase and 10% for EBI!

Meet our Advancement Team

Karen Hayes

Director of Advancement


Paloma Baquerizo

Director of Development and Special Events

Ways to Give

There are many options for giving to our school and community. Whichever option you choose, we appreciate your thoughtfulness and philanthropy.

EBI Tax ID: 20-2258099

By Check

You can make your donation with a check.
Please make your check payable to Escuela Bilingüe Internacional and write the name of the fund on your check. You are welcome to mail your check to the school or drop it off at one of the security boxes located in the lobby of each campus.

Our address is: Escuela Bilingüe Internacional, 410 Alcatraz Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609


You can donate online through PayPal.
Just click on the button to submit your donation.

Via Stock Donation

You can make a stock donation.
Want to donate stock to EBI? Just download our stock directive form and follow the directions listed on the document

Credit Card

You can make your donation with a personal credit card.
If this is the option you would like to use, please call Paloma Baquerizo, Director of Development and Special Events, at (510) 653-3324, Ext 102.

EBI Tax ID: 20-2258099

Matching Program

Your employer may match your donation.
Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. Some provide matching funds to support employee volunteer hours. To find out if your company has a matching gift policy please enter the name of the company here.

Para obtener más información sobre nuestros recorridos por el campus virtual o el proceso de admisión, contáctenos en [email protected]