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Facilities Master Plan

What is a Master Plan?

A master plan is a living document consisting of a set of guiding principles and facility projects that will align EBI’s built environment with its strategic vision. This document serves as a road map for the construction and development of our Emeryville Campus that will be regularly reassessed at decision-making junctures.

The master plan also served as a feasibility study to show whether a full EBI PK-8th grade program could "fit" on the San Pablo Campus. While the timing included in the master plan was fairly optimistic, with the benefit of the Alcatraz lease, we view the four-building master plan as a "long term" solution. In the meantime, we are fortunate to be able to continue as a two campus school.  Year-to-year configurations of which students are learning where are determined to best meet the needs of the program as the school grows and middle school expands, and as new buildings become feasible.

EBI’s Master Plan

During the 2011-2012 school year, our architects at Ratcliff led a school community master planning session. This meeting gave students, parents, faculty and staff an opportunity to contribute ideas that would influence the physical interior and exterior development of the Emeryville campus. Ideas were gathered and our architects transformed this information into a 2D drawing and a lengthy written document that we now have as a valuable resource moving forward.

 EBI Master Plan design 


Phase I - Structural upgrade, phased renovation of a portion of the existing building’s first floor, and phased site improvements including the Adventure Play Area (Completed 2012)



Phase II - Interior renovation of existing building’s entire first floor and half of second floor (Completion Summer 2014).





Phase III - Interior renovation of remaining second floor spaces (Estimated for 2016)

Phase IV - Construction of a new two-story east building and site improvements (TBD)

Phase V - Construction of a new two-story south building and site improvements (TBD)

Phase VI - Construction of a new multi-use athletics building and site improvements (TBD)