Dee-Ann Panzera

Maestra de inglés de segundo grado
Second Grade English Teacher

An enthusiastic, dedicated educator who has an exceptional love of learning.

Dee-Ann graduated from teachers training college in Johannesburg, South Africa with a 4 year double diploma (HDip Ed PP/JP) specializing in teaching children from 6 to 10 years in age. She has had the privilege of working in the teaching profession for 20 years. Dee-Ann ran her own business, an educational robotics design and technology program, with emphasis on training teachers and giving back to the community. She got to meet and work with renowned speech and occupational therapists, enhancing her understanding of how students learn in different ways and has had a rich and diverse experience in educating children from all over South Africa. In December 2014 she relocated to the Bay Area from South Africa. Dee-Ann moved after winning our diversity visa in the green card lottery, she still didn’t want to leave her home country and families but after her husband, Kevin, got an incredible job opportunity in San Francisco, Dee-Ann could not say no. They feel very fortunate to live this amazing adventure. They have a daughter, Gabriella, in Middle School and a son, Cameron, in High School and two rescue dogs who flew all the way from South Africa with us. Dee-Ann loves to learn and study, at the moment she is learning as much as she possibly can about IB PYP, having just completed her 1st level certification. She am in the process of learning all there is to know about the California educational system. Dee-Ann looks forward to this wonderful opportunity of being a part of EBI and getting to know and teach everyone of your 2nd graders.