Financial Aid

At Escuela Bilingüe Internacional, diversity, multiculturalism and inclusivity are at the core of who we are. We are dedicated to creating a classroom environment that fosters the understanding and appreciation of a variety of worldviews. To ensure a student body that demographically represents the world in which we live, we offer a tuition adjustment program to families who apply and demonstrate a need for assistance. The tuition adjustment program is need-based and does have a limited budget. All families pay some tuition and approximately 30% of our families have an adjusted tuition.

A Parent FInancial Statement (PFS) and supporting documents must be submitted each year to be considered for an adjusted tuition. The determination of need is based on the analysis done by  the School and Student Service (SSS). If parents are divorced or separated, Escuela Bilingüe Internacional requires both parents to submit the PFS form.