Language Philosophy

Escuela Bilingüe Internacional is a Spanish-English dual language school. We teach language organically by immersion in the context of classroom subject matter. Students in pre-kinder begin with 100% Spanish immersion and gradually transition to a 50/50 Spanish/English model by third grade. In the Middle School, the subject areas are language specific: math, science and English Language and Literature are taught in English and all other subjects are taught in Spanish (with the exception of Mandarin). All specialist classes (art, music, PE, drama) are taught in Spanish. In third grade, students start taking Mandarin classes and continue through eighth grade. At EBI, we want our students to graduate from our program with high levels of academic and social proficiency in both English and Spanish as well as functional conversational skills in Mandarin.

Language is developed across the curriculum, in all subjects; as a result teachers of all subjects are language teachers. They model and teach the use of language; learning takes place in authentic contexts, and literature plays a special role in enabling this to happen.

In order to understand and express ideas, students learn the language by speaking, listening, reading and writing. Teachers provide opportunities for learning in a safe and stimulating environment while encouraging students to become risk-takers.

Our aim is to develop students’ ability to express themselves fluently, confidently and accurately in oral, written and visual communication systems.

The language curriculum is arranged into three main strands:

  • Oral language: listening and speaking 
  • Written language: reading and writing 
  • Visual language: viewing and presenting

For more information about our language model, please refer to EBI’s Curriculum Guide or contact Sagrario Argüelles at (510) 653-3324 or by email