EBI Library Mission

The mission of the EBI library is to support the development of the IB learner profile and inspire the EBI learning community to engage in open inquiry by providing developmentally appropriate and culturally diverse resources. The EBI library supports the development of mother-tongue, multilingual literacy; fosters the acquisition of thinking, communication and research skills; encourages learners to locate information and use it effectively, creatively, and responsibly; promotes a life-long love of reading, learning, and inquiry; and stimulates imagination. In our libraries students meet for research and academic pursuits to browse, read, study and explore.

Or unified library catalog combines two unique collections: one for pre-kinder to grade 1 on our Alcatraz Campus, and one for Grades 2-8 at our San Pablo Campus. The library collection includes volumes in Spanish, English and Mandarin. These materials are selected to support the curricula at all levels, as well as to propone a joy for readying for all ages.

The EBI Library: A center of inquiry

The library is a center for inquiry where a variety of resources can be found that support inquiry including printed and electronic resources.

The library is specifically designed to support the program of inquiry. EBI is committed to having books that support all mother tongues of the students. The main collection is in Spanish and English, and we strive to maintain a significant section in Mandarin.

The library has books of many types, styles, languages and levels that represent the interests, concerns, histories, religions and cultures of the entire diversity of the EBI community. An effort is made to include books about people of other regions, cultures, histories, geographies, etc., who aren’t currently represented in the EBI community to help students have an open mind and learn more about the world in which they live.

The library has a section dedicated to teaching and child development resources both for teachers and for parents.

The EBI Library: A hub for information and research

Classes visit the library on a weekly basis, for a combination of research time linked to individual units of inquiry, and to check out books in English and Spanish in support of leisure and homework related reading assignments. The library follows the same guidelines as the American Library Association’s (ALA) Library Bill of Rights as a guide to all interactions. The EBI library online catalog can be used by students, families and staff from any computer, on or off-site. The library’s Collection Policy Manual can be accessed to read about policies such as lost books and acquisitions.