MYP design challenges students to apply practical and creative-thinking skills to solve design problems; encourages students to explore the role of design in historical and contemporary contexts; and raises students’ awareness of their responsibilities when making design decisions and taking action.

Inquiry and problem-solving are at the heart of design. MYP design requires the use of the design cycle as a tool, which provides: the methodology to structure the inquiry and analyze problems; the development of feasible solutions; the creation of solutions; and the testing and evaluation of the solution. In MYP design, a solution can be a model, prototype, product or system independently created and developed by students.

Language and Literature (both in English and Spanish for the Bilingual Program only)

Students at EBI have two language and literature courses: one in English and one in Spanish. The MYP language and literature courses at EBI equip students with linguistic, analytical and communication skills that help to develop interdisciplinary understanding. Students develop skills in six domains—listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and presenting—both independently and with others.

The language and literature courses include a balanced study of genres and literary texts, including a world literature component. Students’ interactions with texts generate moral, social, economic, political, cultural and environmental insights. Through their studies, students learn how to form opinions, make decisions, and engage in ethical reasoning.


With inquiry at the core, the MYP sciences framework aims to guide students to investigate issues through research, observation and experimentation- independently and collaboratively. The MYP sciences curriculum explores the connections between science and everyday life. As they investigate real examples of science applications, students discover the tensions and dependencies between science and morality, ethics, culture, economics, politics, and the environment. Concepts explored in MYP sciences include:

  • atomic structure and bonding
  • cells
  • cycles
  • electromagnetism
  • evolution
  • interactions between organisms
  • forces
  • states and properties of matter
  • metabolism
  • organisms
  • waves

Beginning and Intermediate Spanish (Spanish Learners Program only)

The ability to communicate in a variety of modes, in more than one language, is essential to the concept of an international education. Students are given the opportunity to develop their language skills to their full potential, as well as the possibility of progressing through various phases over the course of the MYP.

Individuals and Societies

The MYP individuals and societies subject group incorporates disciplines traditionally studied under humanities and social sciences. This subject group encourages learners to respect and understand the world around them and equips them with the necessary skills to inquire into historical, geographical, political, social, economic, and cultural factors that affect individuals, societies and environments.

The study of individuals and societies helps students to appreciate the diversity of human culture, attitudes and beliefs. Courses in this subject group are important for helping students recognize that both content and methodology can be debatable and controversial, and for practicing the tolerance of uncertainty.


Middle schoolers at EBI focus on the structure of proper storytelling through drama. Students learn about the dramatic arc while acting and creating theatrical pieces that focus on a character’s important three-part process of motivation, action, and consequence.  They learn how to embody a character on stage, while improving communication and public speaking skills.

Students study how theater is both a product of current society and a potential catalyst for social change in families, schools, neighborhoods, and larger communities. They delve into the power of forming strong opinions, and learning how to express viewpoints clearly and specifically on stage intellectually, emotionally, and physically. Students look at culture and identity and how it is represented on stage, and the impact of that representation.


The framework for MYP mathematics outlines four branches of mathematical study.

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Geometry and trigonometry
  • Statistics and probability

The study of mathematics is a fundamental part of a balanced education. It promotes a powerful universal language, analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills that contribute to the development of logical, abstract and critical thinking. The MYP mathematics and extended mathematics courses promote both inquiry and application, helping students to develop problem-solving techniques that transcend the discipline and are useful in the world outside school.

Physical and Health Education

Physical and health education courses foster the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes that will contribute to a student’s balanced and healthy lifestyle. Through opportunities for active learning, courses in this subject group embody and promote the holistic nature of well-being.

Through physical and health education, students can learn to appreciate and respect the ideas of others, and develop effective collaboration and communication skills.

This subject area also offers many opportunities to build positive interpersonal relationships that can help students to develop a sense of social responsibility.

Mandarin (Bilingual Program only)

Students will continue developing their skills related to writing, reading, and speaking in Mandarin, in addition to continued exploration of Chinese culture.

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