PYP in Pre-Kinder

Teaching and learning in pre-kinder is based on the Primary Years Programme (PYP) developed by the International Baccalaureate (IB).  The IB PYP seeks to enhance students’ thinking skills and deepen their understanding of themselves, their environment and our changing world. It prepares students for the essential skills and understandings they will need for the future.

Through discovery and structured learning experiences children are introduced to basic skills of math concepts such as sorting, ordering, counting, and shapes. Pre-reading skills are developed through oral language, phonics and literature.

Children learn to listen to teachers and one another during group lessons, stories, and playtime. They learn how to communicate in Spanish through conversation and presentations from peers and adults. They are encouraged to become thinkers and responsible learners. They engage in role-play using their imagination, to apply what they are learning to real life situations.

Children participate in learning experiences that help to develop all early childhood skills. Art projects and activities using manipulative items help to develop fine motor skills. As children interact together every day, they learn important social skills like sharing, taking turns, and respect for one another.

For more information about the PYP, please visit the IB website or contact Sagrario Argüelles, Director of Curriculum and Learning at