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Research shows the importance of making Math meaningful

Monday, October 31, 2016

We would like to invite you to read an article published in Scientific American; "Why Math Education Does not Add Up". We are excited to share articles like this because they point out and confirm the amazing work that EBI teachers and mathematicians are doing in their classes exploring math concepts. This article describes the kind of math learning that takes place at EBI, and the importance of having math be "an open, conceptual, inquiry-based subject". All of us at EBI are also proud that some of our teachers have taken the Stanford workshop described in the article, where teachers encourage  a "what is known as a growth mindset-offering messages such as "mistakes grow your brain" and "I believe you can learn anything". These, as well as other resources implemented at EBI, are making this kind of teaching possible in their classroom. You can see evidence of this as you walk through the hallways and see visual models in display knowing that "students gain a deeper understanding of math when they approach it visually".

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