Classes with specialists


In EBI we see art as a form of expression that is inherent in all cultures. They are a powerful means to assist in the development of the whole child, and are important for interpreting and understanding the world. Art promotes imagination, communication, creativity, social development and original thinking. In the Primary Years Programme (PYP) the arts are identified as drama, music and visual art. Through the arts our students learn to communicate, have exposure to other cultures and find out more about themselves.


Music is critical to self-expression, human communication and our journey to understand each other and the world. At EBI, we see music as another language from which to make meaning of the human experience, and integreate music and music performance throughout the curriculum with a specialist teacher.

Physical Education

Physical activity is an essential aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Physical Education in the PYP explores the “language” of physical movement. Students become aware of their own strenghts and areas to develop. In PE at EBI, our students build self-esteem, confidence, cooperation and fitness; through a wide variety of cooperative and competitive games, sports and physical challenges designed to ensure maximum participation by all, with an emphasis on cooperation rather than winning.

Our PE program is divided into five strands:

  • individual pursuits
  • movement composition
  • games
  • adventure challenge
  • health-related fitness


Language is a window through wich we begin to understand our cultural differences and similarities. In the 3rd grade, EBI students begin instruction in Mandarin, preparing them to be conversant in the three most spoken languages in the world. Through the four day per week Mandarin program, students at EBI develop an appreciation of other cultures and an understanding of language structures that are very different from those of indo-european languages.