Developing Strategic Plan Process:

Spring - Fall 2013

  • Board of Trustees formed Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) comprised of BOT members, staff and a strategic planning consultant.
  • Board of Trustees established task forces for specific areas of focus.
  • Board of Trustees established committee to review EBI Core Values.

Data Collection and Analysis:

Spring 2013 - Winter 2014

  • Consultant engaged EBI founding families, faculty and board of trustees in visioning exercises. 
  • EBI families participated in a comprehensive survey about school experience and future direction (approximately 75% of families responded). • Strategic planning was at the center of annual board of trustees retreat in June 2013.
  • Strategic Plan Committee and task forces met regularly.
  • Consultant conducted parent focus groups (approximately 90 families), faculty workshops and sessions with students in grades five through seven to collect additional information.
  • Task forces incorporated California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) and Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation visit recommendations.
  • Task forces and Board of Trustees Diversity Committee reviewed each of the emerging strategic areas to assess the plan’s implications for different populations.
  • Faculty and board of trustees reviewed revisions of the Core Values statements.

Plan Development:

Spring - Fall 2014

  • Task forces presented first drafts of major goals and key strategies to the board of trustees.
  • Board of trustees held several extended meetings to discuss major goals and key strategies and give task forces feedback.
  • Task forces revised major goals and key strategies.
  • Strategic plan committee finalized the EBI Vision for 2020 statement.
  • Board of trustees approved revised Core Values statements.
  • Board of trustees approved major goals and key strategies for plan.
  • SPC produced public document for distribution in early October.
  • Head of School presented strategic plan to staff and faculty in August and October, respectively.
  • New Core Values statements published.

We invite you to begin reading the strategic plan from the center circle, Our Vision for 2020. This statement describes what our community envisions for EBI in 2020. Surrounding the center circle are the seven strategic areas of the plan.