Third graders explore "Chinese in the Garden"

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

We are always innovating our curriculum at EBI and Chinese in the Garden is a perfect example! The 3rd grade students are using their five senses in a three part series to explore gardening, arts and science while learning Mandarin Chinese.

Part 1: "Chinese in the Garden: A sensorial learning experience"

A note from the teacher:

We started our series in circle time where we practiced introducing ourselves using greetings in Chinese. From there we talked about the names of the vegetables that we were going to plant in the garden. We split into two groups - one group went outside to plant the vegetables while the other group wrote the name tags for the vegetables. We switched groups during our class so that everyone was able to have a chance to plant and practice writing. Students are very proud of their own veggie garden and have been caring and watering the seedlings during recess. We will continue learning new vocabulary as we taste, touch and smell the vegetables as they grow.

Stay tuned to see what innovative learning experiences our students have learning Chinese while in the garden next week.