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Tuition Adjustment Program

EBI promotes diversity in all of its forms, including socio-economic status. The school offers an aggressive need-based tuition adjustment program to assist families with tuition expenses. This year, over 30% of EBI students receive a tuition adjustment.

Like many independent schools, EBI uses the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) from the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) to do a standardized calculation to determine need. We recommend taking a look at the SSS Family Guide to Financial Aid to get a better understanding of how the tuition adjustment process works before beginning your application. You can also review EBI’s Tuition Adjustment Program: Board Policies for a complete explanation of how EBI arrives at decisions around tuition adjustment.

EBI supports over 30% of our students with some level of financial support. That support ranges from 5% to 70% of the tuition.

How to Apply for a Tuition Adjustment

STEP 1: Complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) online at and have a report sent to EBI (EBI’s school code is 4271). Contact SSS if you have any questions about how to complete this form at 1-800-344-8328. There is a fee to submit the PFS. If you need a Fee Waiver for your application, SSS will do it in an automated way. SSS will use the financial and household information in your PFS and it will automatically apply the waiver if your family meets their criteria. The PFS must be completed by January 18, 2019.

STEP 2: Complete and upload the following:

  • 2018 tax return (IRS Form 1040) and associated schedules
  • All 2018 W2’s to the SSS or other support for 2018 income
  • IRS Form 4506T (complete 1-5 on form and sign)

Note: If STEP 1 and STEP 2 are not completed by January 19, 2019, your application will not be processed.

Notification of Tuition Adjustment occurs at the time of acceptance to the school. Awards are finalized pursuant to STEP 3.

STEP 3: Upload the following documents by April 15, 2019:

  • 2018 tax return (IRS Form 1040) and associated schedules
  • 2018 W2’s, 1099’s or other support for 2018 income

Note: STEP 3 must be completed by April 15, 2019 for your award to be processed.

EBI will notify recipients of tuition adjustments with admissions decisions on March 15, 2019. (Current EBI families will be notified in early-February)

Note: In the case of divorce or separation, EBI needs both parents/guardians to contribute to the payment of their child’s tuition regardless of legal agreements. A student’s custodial and non-custodial parents, as well as those parents’ current spouses, are expected to submit the Parents’ Financial Statement and IRS Form 4506.

If you have any questions about the tuition adjustment application process, please don’t hesitate to contact the school’s business office at (510) 653-3324.