From the Head of School

Welcome to Escuela Bilingüe Internacional!

Guiding us as we pioneer into new territories of teaching and learning are our core values of bilingualism, educational excellence, diversity, international mindedness and character. When you walk into each classroom at EBI you can see how we are striving toward our dream of making the world a better place through understanding and respect.

As a learning community, EBI invites all members to inquire into who we are and our role in the world around us. Children, families, faculty, staff and the board collaborate to create a learning experience based on the best practices in independent, international education. Our goal is to prepare ourselves to make sustained contributions to our families, communities and world.

With inquiry at the center of our work, children at EBI experience an integrated world of learning as they draw on all the subject areas to answer the questions they have about the world around them and make decisions about positive actions that will make it better. Our philosophy and methodologies call on children, teachers and families to reflect on what they are learning and choose actions congruent with their conclusions in a collaborative and caring environment. Our goal is to achieve better solutions to problems by understanding the world from a variety of perspectives. We are excited with the progress we are making to achieve our mission!

Please join us as we grow together!

Dr. Paola V. Clark
​​​​​​​Head of School​​​​​​

For more information on our virtual campus tours or admissions process, please contact us at admissions@ebinternacional.org