Our Mission

Escuela Bilingüe Internacional provides an excellent Spanish-English bilingual education based on the highest international academic standards in an environment that thrives on diversity, fosters global citizenship, and develops the character necessary to recognize cultural uniqueness as the touchstone of our common humanity.

Our Core Values


Diversity is the heart of EBI. We are passionate about creating a community that reflects the vibrant diversity of the world in which we live and a culture that celebrates a myriad of perspectives. Because we believe diversity in all its forms engenders deeper understanding and compassion for all of humanity, we uphold an educational philosophy that embraces each individual and actively rejects prejudice and discrimination.


In a global era, the benefits of being bilingual are profound and multifaceted. We believe that everyone is capable of becoming multilingual and that knowing a language opens up new worlds for its speakers. Students at EBI become literate in Spanish and English while developing conversational skills in a third language.


The cultivation of character is at the core of EBI’s educational model. We are dedicated to fostering the development of certain qualities in our students through our educational methods of inquiry and our personal actions. Every day we teach self-respect, kindness, integrity, compassion, cooperation, curiosity, empathy, enthusiasm, open-mindedness, respect for the planet, confidence, commitment, responsibility and an awareness of privilege.

International ​​​​​​​Mindedness

We view the world as our broadest community and context for learning. It is our belief that international mindedness helps people become their best selves and responsible members of their local and global communities. We strive to instill an international mindset in our students that promotes empathy, encourages an understanding of the complexity and value of diversity, and supports them in recognizing that we are all connected.

Educational Excellence

EBI is committed to the highest academic standards in every area of education. We promote the active construction of knowledge and incorporate traditional disciplines into our International Baccalaureate programs of inquiry. Our students develop a joy of learning and the motivation to be self-directed, lifelong inquirers who are agents of change.

For more information on our campus tours or admissions process, please contact us at admissions@ebinternacional.org